About Us

We are experienced travellers who have had the pleasure and privilege of travelling to many corners of this beautiful world. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to travel and see the world, not just business travellers and the wealthy.

So we have created a website that shows you how to visit some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations for a fraction of the money that most travel websites suggest you need to spend. In fact, a key element of our website is our focus on activities that are free! Every article will tell you how to have fun without spending any money at all.

We’ll show you how to “Travel for Less” so that “Everybody can Travel”!

about us

Who is this website for?

If you would like to travel the world safely and comfortably on a modest budget, this is the website for you.

Our readers have a budget of about USD $75 to $100 per day for accommodations, local travel, and a wide range of enjoyable local experiences. That’s the total cost for two people traveling together. We have visited too many travel websites where the “suggested itineraries” cost hundreds of dollars per day, far beyond the means of most people.

We haven’t included the cost of meals in our budgets, because everybody has a different idea of what to eat, when to eat, where to eat, and so on.

We’ll also provide some “travel tips” that show you how to save money and stay safe wherever you choose to travel.

Do we sell travel services?

No, we do not sell travel services. We are not a travel agency. We simply provide information to help you make informed decisions when you are making travel plans.

When you do decide to purchase travel services, make sure to choose reputable and reliable travel service providers. You may prefer to purchase directly from the service provider such as an airline or hotel, or you may prefer to purchase through a travel agency.

We strongly encourage you to do your own research before using any of the services described in this website to make sure they meet your requirements for quality, safety, comfort, and price. There are many travel websites where you can read reviews from actual travellers to see if their experiences were good.

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That’s it! We sincerely hope that you enjoy visiting our website and that it helps you to enjoy the many wonderful places that you can see in this world of ours.